Since 1976, Surface Techniques has provided superior quality metal finishing and plating services to a variety of industries including packaging, food manufacturing, industrial fabrication, oil and gas, geophysical, and offshore/subsea/ROV. Our Houston based customers demand the highest-quality finished products, and we are committed to maintaining or exceeding the expectations of these demanding industries.

Our 18,000 square foot Houston Plating facility houses efficient, reliable equipment and metal finishing and plating professionals with years of experience. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop best practices which will created a mechanically superior finished product through our specially designed plating processes. We can also provide guidance towards types of plating based on corrosion and abrasion resistance according to the needs of your industry.

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Some of our services include: Sulfuric AnodizingDye AnodizingHard AnodizingChemical Conversion CoatingPassivationGold PlatingSilver PlatingCopper PlatingNickel Plating and Electroless Nickel Plating.

Surface Techniques always meets the proper Mil Specs needed for each metal finishing process. We offer military strength metal plating services for customers in the Houston area.

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